Release the Sound of HOPE!

You have a voice and you can help release the sound of HOPE all across the earth during the 90 Days of Hope.

Join the #HOPESTORY Challenge with Hope Movement and share your own personal story of how Jesus transformed your life.

Every believer is a witness and every believer has a #HOPESTORY, share yours today!

Step 1. Film a 60-second video on your phone of your testimony/story of hope (My life before Jesus, How I Met Jesus, My Life with Jesus) and finish with an invitation to follow Jesus.

Step 2. Share the video to whatever social media you have (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube etc.) and use the hashtags #HopeStory #90DaysOfHope and #GO2020

Step 3. Tag 5 friends to nominate them to share their Hope Story.

Yes! I'll Share My Hope Story

Join The 60-Second Hope Story Challenge

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I Need To Find Hope In Jesus

Will you join us in sharing the HOPE of JESUS online?